Frequently Asked Questions For Wedding Photography

Over and over again my client inquire about few things which I encounter on daily basis now , so to save time here is a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Photography, I hope you will find your answers in this post , if not then do drop us a inquiry using the contact form.

Whats your style of Photographing?

What I try to shoot is a fun mix of Candid Shots as well as Posed shots , basically a Creative and Photo journalistic approach and Story telling flow of photographs is what you get , I try to focus primarily on the Bride-Groom , the Family and few close friends , I try to get as much of the Candid moments , the laughter , the naughtiness and the hungama around as much as I can and this is always fun.

Since when are you into Professional Photography ?

Well speaking of Photography , It has been around 5 years now that I have turned my passion to profession , and It has been a continuous learning process every since , Me and my story telling , my presentations has evolved Thanks to few Big Brothers , Friends and My Wife from whom I have and still am learning , be it the start from Basics or the Retouching 101 or Spotting the perfect story and how to frame them.

Can I get details on your Wedding Photography Package ?

You can read all the details of our Popular Wedding Photography Packages here , if you find it hard to choose from the packages then you can do a quick compare here , or you can always ask for a customized package quote according to your requirement

When are you available ?

If you would like to know whether I am available for certain dates or not then ,  check my availability on bookings tab.  If the dates of your events doesn’t show up here as “locked” then AWESOME    email and submit your event details. See ya !

How can I book a Date ?

Either give me a call or shoot me a mail if you are interested , or book online from our website. Generally I take 30%   of the Total Package amount and a Basic Travel cost as retainer as well as advance for me to block the dates , once I get the advance and I confirm the receipt of the same , your dates will be blocked and no further inquiry or work will be taken during that period.

How early do I have to book your services ?

The maximum period of advance booking I got till now is about 2 Years , but that’s the highest , you should atleast book me around 6 months prior to the event to be on the safe side.

Hey! I love your photography , can you go gentle with your pricing for me ?

I think my prices are reasonable enough considering how much effort I put into each assignment. I always try to give you best when I can , and try to over deliver , So please no negotiations on the final prices I tell you , I prefer to stay away from bargaining people who value money more than the memories.

How about the rest of the Payment ?

Well the remaining 70% of the Package amount should reach me / deposited to my account before the last day of the event as It makes me very uncomfortable to ask the Family for Payment when they are going through an emotional phase.

You won't ask for Posing right ? Since you are a Candid Photographer ?

My style of photography is mixed , so Candids , Posed and Creative Composition are what I like to provide in a Wedding Package. So I try to mix the experience and style up to give you the best story in my style.

I paid you for the photographs , so when I get the photos I can do anything with them right ?

Yes you paid for the photographs , and you can share it as much as you can , distribute them , print them , the only thing you cannot do is using the photos for commercial purpose , I still hold the copyright over my photographs and the distribution rights retain with me.

I want certain style / type of image , can I ?

Offcourse you can , either you have to explain me the situation or the framing you want , or you can show me the photos to help me understand what kind of photo you wish for and leave the rest on me.

Will there be another photographer ? Will you be able to cover both sides ?

If you book my packages then there is always a second shooter with me and we will try to cover events of other side at no extra cost , but that is totally upon my discretion  , in many cases we generally do cover both sides provided the timings don’t conflict and our preference is always given to the side who is hiring us , at events when we are not able to cover the other side then we will offer the party an extra photographer to cover the other side , we always arrange  another photographer in such cases so you get another perspective of the event and offcourse charges will be applicable for the same. In Case of Customized package , the choices are entirely yours , it can be a 2 person to 14 Person team depending on your requirement.

What if I hire you and another photographer I know , for extra coverage , will that do ?

It will , but it may not turn out well since the Team I work with knows my style and I know their way of working so there is a collaboration and understanding among us which helps us to do the work smoothly and you get the story flow in one specific style , when two different photographer who don’t know each other , there maybe cases of conflicts or “fight-for-frames” and moments , and since their style of photography and story telling differs , so overall you will get an uneven mixed photos when you see our work together.

I suggest hiring one team no matter how many perspective / no of photos you require , we can arrange that for you , its better than hiring multiple teams who gives you the same moments/perspective.

In cases that events exceeds the time we agreed upon , will those extra hours be charged ?

This is only in case of A LA Carte options for coverage , where the Basic event is finished under 4Hrs (Engagement / Reception Party etc) , only if the actual coverage takes more than agreed hours , the final pricing will move to next pricing slab.

Example : You opt for 4Hrs of Basic Coverage , and it takes 1Hr of more coverage , in that case it will increase specific service rates by the hourly rates specified in the contract / quotation. There will be no sudden change of prices , in such events the party will be informed beforehand before we start charging anything extra.

Do you count the hours when you arrive at venue for the event ?

No , the coverage time depends on the actual time when we start shooting , we may arrive at the venue much earlier to setup our equipments , but we only count actual hour of coverage not including break of events / rest time / transportation time. Although it is advised to a client as not to specify a early call time before the actual event , we decide on our arrival time based on factors like , transportation time required from place to place , time required to setup equipments / electrical , time for project briefing / on location shoot planning and if required early consultation with client regarding the event and its specifics.

I have an event of 2hrs and you don't seem to have anything below 8hrs , what can be done ?

Those are packaged events , if you have requirement for something very specific then I would recommend you to ask for a Custom Quotation , write as detailed as possible so I can quote properly (e.g What type of service is required on what day and for how many hours) If you have any specific number of images you want (Processed) do let me know.

How do you define your work hours ?

For any of our services our work hours start from 8 AM to 11 PM

I have an event which starts earlier than 8AM or Finishes after 10 PM , will you charge extra ? If yes how much ?

We have these conditions specified in the final contract. Every possible rate which is to be charged / can be charged will be mentioned to the client prior to booking.

I want an event booking with you , but the venue is out of West Bengal , if more time is spent on travelling then will you charge anything extra ?

We generally don’t charge anything extra for time taken in journey , but some of our equipment have rental charges , those rentals are counted per day basis whether we use the equipment or not. So for cities which take approx 2 days for travel we prefer Airline tickets as it saves overall pricing for the client.

Are the prices negotiable ?

Is the quality/amount of the output negotiable for you ? If yes then surely we can help you. In case you wish to modify any of our packages / change the amount / duration of any service / change the quantity of the output then packages are always negotiable.

Do note that in certain cases we may suggest you alternate quality / duration of output to go with the pricing.

I try my best to give you extra value for your price , when you ask for quote I will try my best to give you the best prices I can offer , after I let you know of the Final Price , there should be no negotiations or bargaining , I have a strict No-Bargain Policy , I just don’t accept / forward the assignments of people who try to bargain , I keep updating my prices from time to time and try to keep it reasonable as I believe that there is no discount for hard work and so our prices should be respected.

If I book you for 8 Hrs , then can you cover the wedding in 6 Hrs and cover the rituals on the next day for 2Hrs ?

For Such customized event either you can go with our ‘Day Wise’ Packages of 2 Days , or you can make your own package from our A La Carte Options , do remember that A LA Carte has a minimum charge for 4Hrs Event if the event is less than 4Hrs.

For any project/package you have to book atleast 4Hr of minimum coverage for Candid Photography for atleast 1 Day. Rest are negotiable as per client’s requirement.

I don't want you to showcase / share our photos online or anywhere.

As a photographer , I have to showcase my work for others to see as it helps building our portfolio , but our client privacy is of utmost concern , so in cases where you won’t like us to distribute the photos of your event online or showcase the photos anywhere then we will be charging a higher photography fee.

You have to mention such concerns during Initial Quotation. If the client mentions this after the project then the final project pricing will reflect the said extra charge.

Do you do videography also ?

Yes , We provide both Traditional Coverage as well as Cinematic Wedding Videos all over India.

We need group shots on stage , can you do that ?

Sure I can , But if I am busy during the stage shots then there is a big chance that I might miss some candid moments around the venue , so you have to keep that in mind also.I might be able to shoot around as well as take the stage photos if the number of guests are less.If you have larger number of people coming then I will suggest you to hire a Photographer for stage shots also , and don’t worry I have the perfect people for the jobs and It will cost you just a bit more , thats it !

I want to hire a Traditional Photographer and a Videographer apart from your team , will that be a problem ?

Yes , for most cases it creates major issues and disturbances during our work. Not all photographers and Video people display the proper ethics or code of conduct while working , this lead to our shots being polluted by bright lights , camera persons in front of us blocking the view. We like to work freely wile in venue and don’t like to fight for spot while shooting , it creates nuisance and disturbs the attendees who wants to see the ceremony.You want more perspective ? More number of images ? Let us know , we can always hire the same for you 🙂

What camera do you use ?

Can you guess by looking at my images the name of the Camera brand ? If I show you 2 images by different cameras will you be able to spot the difference ? See your memory is your memory no matter what  Camera we use to capture it , but for the eager ones My Team uses Canon DSLRs and Professional Grade Lenses to make sure our work is of the same level and quality. And for Filming we use wide variety of filming / production cameras and fit lens for the same. And yeah Drones 😀

What are the procedure of choosing photos ? Can I include my selection ?


Can I get the RAW photos after the shoot ?

Yes raws will be provided on your hard drive or laptop.

Will you also provide the Photobook / Album ?


How much time it takes for the photos to be delivered ?

For Photo , the delivery time is around 2-3 Months from the date of final event. For Traditional video its 1-2 Months.

For Cinematic Wedding video its 3-4Months. All of these keeping in mind that client don’t ask for re-edit / revisions. Revisions / Re-Edit will increase the delivery date.

Why so much time for processing ?

From start to finish I am personally  involved in the whole procedure , from clicking to sorting , editing and delivery , I prefer to do it myself to give you my specific signature image.I edit each and every photo with precision and try to match the photo to appropriate mood , its a time taking process. For every 1 Day of On Location Assignment , it takes 7 Days to process the whole thing.

Do you work only in West Bengal ?

No around 60% of work I get are out of West Bengal , I have covered many destination weddings and I love to travel around.

How much extra do you charge for Destination Weddings ? Or wedding outside state ?

My Packages stays same , be it for West Bengal or anywhere in India or even for International Venues , the charges of Transportation , food and accommodation is something the Hiring party has to provide. Apart from that nothing extra is charged.

Your Preference for Stay and Travel ?

Stay and Travel is normally arranged by the client side . We have basic needs regarding stay , a place to keep our stuff , charge equipment and a bed to rest. For cities which takes time to travel to , we prefer Airline Ticket/ 2AC Train tickets for Travel.

In what cases you will need accommodation ?

If we are shooting outside of Kolkata, Durgapur & Asansol and we don’t have our car / transport available , it will be appreciated if the client can arrange our stay. In case we do hire/rent a car for our Transport , we will pack and leave right after event.

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